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Takaupa Old Town

The calm and quiet Old Town Takua Pa is located about 7 kilometers from Talad Yai (Big Market) It is believed to be Takola an old port for shipping connecting India, Arabia, Roman and the Suwannabhummi territories around A.D.57. Later, it became an important tin mining area during the Ayutthya period and to the beginning of Rattanakosin era due to its good ore quality and location. Visit the area of old Chinese buildings and Sino-Portuguese Architecture. The displayed old steamed compressor for the boat of the former governor, which was used to suppress pirates and to transport goods between Takua Pa, Phuket and Penang, shows the past prosperity of the area. Of historical interest are the Camp Walls which former governor had built to surround his residence in 1857 contained no brick or stone and were made from o­nly sand and cement; (3.8 meters high, 95 meters high, 158 meters long) An Iron Bridge across the old field comes from the mining era and is over 100 years old.

Takaupa Old TownTakaupa Old TownTakaupa Old Town

Have the chance to wander around the quaint shops (best in the early morning), about 25 minutes drive from resort Takuapa Market and River Plaza are in the new town. This is a typical local market and the Plaza has some good shops and a few riverside restaurants.

Takaupa Old TownTakaupa Old TownTakaupa Old Town

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