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Sri Phang Nga National Park

Sri Phang Nga National Park covers an area of 240 square kilometers, and is located in the districts of Kuraburi and Takua Pa, about 65 km north of Khaolak. It became a National Park in 1988, and lies north west of and adjacent to Khao Sok national Park (in neighbouring Surat Thani province).

White Water Rafting at Sri Phang Nga National ParkElephant RideCanoeing

Most of the Park is fine virgin evergreen forest, with many species of the Dipterocarpaceae family including the Hopea odorata which is a threatened species in some Asian countries. There are numerous hills, streams, waterfalls, and a few outcrops of limestone cliffs in the easterly regions bordering Khao Sok. In addition to the jungle giants, there is a wide range of interesting smaller plants including ferns, mosses, herbs, creepers and so on.

Wildlife includes lesser mouse deer, Malay tapir, serow, barking deer, bear, gibbon, macaque, langur, wild pig and numerous species of birds.

Elephant Ride at Sri Phang Nga Water FallElephant Ride at Sri Phang Nga National ParkATV

There are many hiking opportunities of course, including visits to several picturesque waterfalls such as :-

Nam Tok Tohn Sai - 15 minutes on foot via a turning near the entrance booth close to the road leading into the Park.
Nam Tok Tam Nhang - 4.5 kms. from the National Park Office; the last 0.5 km is on foot.
Nam Tok Tohn Ton Teui - 3 hrs distant from the National Park Office.
Nam Tok Tohn Ton Teui Noi - a small waterfall close to Tohn Ton Teui.

Weatherwise, the (relatively) dry season extends from the end of December to May. Between June and early December there can be a fair amount of rainfall, due to the Park's location twixt the Gulf of Thailand to the east and the Andaman sea to the west and the park is just 45 minutes from our resort.

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